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          Fully equipped intensive shrimp farm For Sale!!

Consisting of 37.3 hectares of water surface for intensive shrimp production with a capacity to produce 37 tons per hectare per year. The total size of the land is 91.51 hectares, with 700 meters of beachfront and 1,307 depth. The average shrimp size produced by the farm is 21/25, wich corresponds to 21 to 25 shrimp per pound of Head Less Shell On (HLSO). The production period is 4.5 months, with 1.5 to 2 production cycles per year.

The facilities are made up of 18 pools that make up 37.3 hectares of water surface bottoms lined with black high-density polyethylene plastic membranes to obtain darker shrimp that turn into a brighter red color and appeal to the palate when cooked.

The production unit is fully electrified with service provided by CFE (Federal Electricity Comission), additionally it has a 500 KW (KiloWatts) generator enough to support 100% of the operation.

The water supply for the ponds comes directly from the Pacific Ocean by means of Hidrostal pump which is attached to a 36" diameter high-density polyethylene pipe.

The pumping station is made up of 28" helical centrifugal pump which provides a flow of 0.8 to 1 m3/s which work with a 200 HP electric motor or a 450 HP diesel combustion engine.

The camp is made up of: dining room, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and a warehouse to store supplies, spare parts and equipment.



  • 18 Pounds of 2.1 hectares of water surface each.

  • Total area of 37.32 ha of water surface.

  • 28" heliptical centrifugal pump.

  • 144 aerators of 3 horse power each.

  • 3 electrical transformers 225 KVA, 1 of 750 KVA (elevator), 1 of 45 KVA                     (campment) and 1 of 500 KVA (backup).

  • Harvest Station.

  • Warehouse and bathrooms.

  • Supplies warehouse.

  • Maintenance workshop.

  • Filter area.

  • Electric generator room.

  • Pumping station.

  • Bedrooms.

  • Dinning rooms.


It is located at 37.5 kilometers west from Escuinapa towards the port of Teacapan, State of Sinaloa, Mexico. Just before reaching the town of Teacapan to the right, facing the sea, take exit towards La Tambora beach.


Rod Diaz

Mobile USA: +1 520-313-9319

Mobile Mexico: +52 669-918-1351



993 E Frontage Rd

Rio Rico, AZ 85648

Office phone: 520-281-4281


Belisario Dominguez  2 Centro

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Office phone: +52 669-918-1351

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