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Fresh Pineapple

Diazteca is a premier grower, importer and distributor of safe-high quality Pineapples.


We began the distribution of pineapples in 2015, beginning to grow our own MD2 pineapples in 2016 in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Diazteca color 4 pineapple for Europe

Our Pineapple

"Our Golden, MD2 pineapple variety is harvested year round in Mexico" with possibility to choose in our color scale from "0" through "4".

Diazteca pineapple color chart

Availability Chart

Diazteca pineapple availability chart

Packaging Style

Diazteca pineapple

* Our pineapples sizes range from 5’s,6’s,7’s to 8’s.
* Can customize boxes weight to your needs,                 standard pack is minimum 25 pounds net.
* Diazteca can customize carton size to your needs.

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