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Pure Granulated Cane Sugar


In 2011 Diazteca Started importing mexican certified refrigerated and frozen boxed beef primal, produced from European and Zebu breed mixes raised and processed in states located near to U.S. Border Baja california, Nuevo Leon, Sinalia, Tamaulipas San Luis Potosi and Mexico City.

Our Sugar


Refined Pure Granulated Cane Sugar

Package Style

50 pound paper bags packed under "Deli Sugar" brand


*Color 45 maximum ICUMSA *0.51mm size grain


*We can supply sugar on a YEAR ROUND basis 
* The refinery holds ISO-22000, Kosher and HACCP certifications

Sugar trough years

In year 2008, Diazteca started importing and distributing a very successful program of mexican pure granulated refined cane sugar into the USA. Today, Diazteca imports and sells over 100 million pounds of sugar annually in 50 pound bags and super sacks to medium sized customers - suchs as supermarkets, processing industries, juice factories, confectioneries, ingredient suppliers, food processors, ethnic ready to eat manufactures and others - these customer based segments provide Diazteca and it’s refineries higher sugar prices compared to larger wholesaler and processor customers.


Quality Assurances


Its specialty is granulated refined sugar, ideal for industrial processes due to its high sucrose content, low impurities, total absence of metals, and a color that exceeds specifications of the Mexican Official Norm (NOM). Its medium size granulometry makes it unique for processes that involve either solid or liquid mixtures, as well as for production of powders for direct consumption.

Strict supervision of the different processes in the factory insures a product free of bacteria and common microbiological organisms. The needed actions and regulations are followed for pest controls in the field and in the entire facility.

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