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Farm Raised Shrimp!

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Our shrimp sets the gold standard world wide. We farm 100% prime #1 white vanammei shrimp. Our shrimp is wholesome, great tasting, shrimply delicious. You won't see discoloration or excess shrink when cooking. You will find beautiful color, ideal texture, and enticing aroma that comes only from all natural shrimp.

This quality arises from the purity of our water and ponds, excellent feed quality and HAACP packaging process standards. Our quality is maintained with a quick freeze process commencing immediately after harvest and the shortest transit times from the source to you. Your customers deserve nothing less!

Our shrimp facilities are located 75 miles south of Mazatlan "Pear of the Pacific" just outside Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico. Season after season, we fill our ponds with the best and cleanest ocean waters available. Then we stock only the healthiest baby shrimp from certified hatcheries, using only juveniles from genetically unaltered captive parents. We observe conservative density levels in our ponds and rigorous environmental safeguards for the habitat.

Our intensive monitoring and process controls facilitate optimum growth abd harvest timing. We consistently observe HACCP standards at each step of the packing process. Immediately after harvest we hand process, sort and freeze the shrimp at our facility certified for export to the USA and European Community (ID CAG-920908-JQA). We can deliver to our USA facilities the very next day, providing complete traceability from the source to consumers.



Availability and Presentations

All of our shrimp is packed frozen IQF in 5/2 polyethylene bags or block frozen in 6/4, 10/4 or 10/5 sleeves or top open boxes. 

Other packaging  presentations available upon request.

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