Mexican Farmed Shrimp Brands.

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All of our White Mexican Shrimp is Tripolyphosphate free, is packed block frozen in 10/5 or 10/4 sleeves or top open boxes, and is raw Headless Shell On (HLSO) or Head On Shell On (HOSO). Other presentations & Metabisulphite Treatment may be available upon request.


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Every year, aquaculture Shrimp in Mexico is harvested from August through December.


Diazteca shrimp can be supplied year-round on a pre-agreed basis. The following table shows the natural harvesting months for both farm and wild Mexican shrimp:

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In the 1950’s, Diazteca began growing mangos in western Mexico. In 1987, Diazteca began farming shrimp among the mango trees and, in 1991 built its shrimp processing and freezing plant one hour away from the ponds. In 1987 also established a distribution warehouse in Rio Rico, Arizona today consisting of 25,000 square foot of cooling space.


In 1997, Diazteca opened its second distribution warehouse in McAllen, Texas where we continue importing and distributing fresh produce and shrimp.


In Mexico, Diazteca grows over 2,000 acres of mangos, 200 acres of watermelons, farms 150 acres of shrimp ponds and freezes and exports over 1,000,000 pounds of shrimp a year.