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Three generations of the Diaz Family have been in the mango business, this is how "Diazteca Group" started planting trees and harvesting mangos in the backyards of their own fields in Escuinapa Sinaloa Mexico, where their roots still grow.

Diazteca is one of the largest privately owned Mexican mango producer with 2000 acres harvesting 18 million pounds of Ataulfo, Tommy, Kent and Keitt mangos from March through September every year.




Diazteca implements intensive style mango plantation techniques, growing 200 small trees per acre instead of 100 trees per acre, applying volcano style pruning techniques, resulting in an increased aeration, higher sun-blush exposure and hand picking for quality assurance. Diazteca orchards operate under Good Agricultural Practices and utilize micro-aspersion irrigation systems in order to save our precious planet's water. Diazteca implements micro-aspersion irrigation systems in order to save water and applies only USDA approved fertilizers. After harvesting, mangos then are carefully put into crates, stack in trucks, and taken over to the packing shed located inside the mango fields.



Diazteca orchards implement Good Agricultural Practices assuring safe & high quality mangos to our USA consumers. Diazteca mango packing shed, located within the mango orchards, is Primus Labs and Mexico Calidad Suprema certified, operates under Good Manufacturing Practices and it is at all times supervised by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspector.


Diazteca's 30,000 square foot packing shed, has 5 mango processing lines with a capacity of packing up to 8 truck loads of mangos a day. After our mangos are unloaded from the fields, they are rinsed-off with chlorinated water, classified into different sizes, run through the hot water treatment, rested for 24 hours before running it through the processing lines. The mangos are then brushed and passed through processing lines where experienced packers put them into 9 pound carton boxes, then stack into pallets, and tunnel pre-cooled for at least 4 hours.


Diazteca mango packing shed operates under a permanent USDA inspector supervision, the packing shed cannot even open up its doors without the USDA inspector's presence. He makes sure mangos are run through the hot water treatment properly, which kills any possible fruit fly larvae that may threaten the United States agriculture.

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