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Flour Mixes

Flour Mixes

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Distributing an innovative and high quality premixes that offer and ideal solution for bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs. Each products has been carefully created to provide a unique result with exceptional taste and performance.

We can offer mixes with best ingredients in order to provide the highest quality, time reduction and cost saving for your benefit.

Our premixes brand, Espiga Mix is and “all in one” solution manufactured by BUNGE. This means that just adding flour, and/or water, eggs, oil, margarine, or yeast and you can make delicious cakes and breads.

Mixes Available

Diazteca counts with flour mixes for:

° Vanilla Cakes.

° Chocolate Cakes.

° Creme Cakes.

° Sponge Cakes (Chocolate & Vanilla).

° Red Velvet Mix.


° Cupcakes Mixes.

° Threads Mixes.

° Tres Leches Cakes.

° Croissants Mixes.

° Rolls Mixes.

° Traditional Donut Mixes.


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